Report from Davos: Steve Case Interview

I've been here in Davos at the World Economic Forum (I'm a newbie!) and I've gotta say, the level of access to the world's movers and shakers is pretty remarkable. I have roamed around with my video camera and had the pleasure to bump into and interview (with their permission, of course) some really interesting people.Today's installment is with Steve Case, longtime entrepreneur, founder and Chairman of the newly launched Revolution Health, and of course former Chairman of AOL Time Warner. He gave me a short interview where we talked about his new company, and also how much he loves Technorati and uses it every day! Enjoy... Technorati Tags: , ,

Technorati Is Proud to Sponsor the 2007 We Media Conference

2007 marks the third year of the We Media Conference, which aims to bring together eclectic leaders of industry for conversation on important and relevant topics. Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore spoke at We Media 05 (hosted by The Associated Press in New York), and I attended last year's forum in London hosted by the BBC and Reuters.

We Media isa compelling experience, and if you ever get the chance I recommend you go. The diversity of the group always brings interesting insight to each conference’s topic; last year the focus was “trust,” and the discussion was interesting. This year the conference looks at how digital media can improve real communities, and how to drive investment and innovation to that cause.

We Media is orchestrated by Andrew Nachison and Dale Peskin, who have recently launched a new organization called iFOCOS (
I’m very interested to see what new ideas emerge from this and future iFOCOS endeavors. You can participate in the discussion right now at the conference blog (, and this year they've added a We Media Film Fest for user-generated videos about community (

Publishers who will blog / vlog / or otherwise refer to the conference, please be sure to use the tag “” so we can track all the activity relating to this terrific conference. Details and registration here: I really encourage you to attend if you’re able.

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Heading to Europe for DLD and WEF

I'm getting pumped, I'm heading to Europe for two great conferences.

First, there's DLD (Digital, Life, Design) in Munich, which looks really interesting. I've never been to Munich before, so I'm looking forward to getting some time to see the city and meet some people. I'm also thinking about doing a photowalk when I'm there. Any Munich natives or DLD participants up for a walk around the city to geek out and take some photos?

After DLD, I'm off to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Getting invited to the WEF as a Technology Pioneer was a tremendous honor for Technorati, and I'm really looking forward to taking in the entire Davos experience.

I'm bringing my camera and laptop, so I'm going to do my darndest to blog about both of these conferences - maybe even get an interesting interview or two out of it as well...

If you're coming to either conference and want to hook up while there, drop me a line, or leave a comment below!

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PR Newswire Now Linking All Press Releases to TechnoratiPR Newswire Now Linking All Press Releases to Technorati

I'm happy to announce a new partnership with the largest PR network in the world, PR Newswire. Technorati will now provide real-time link tracking for all of their press releases. This will enable PR Newswire to provide its vast and global audience with not just the facts in a press release, but the real-time conversation around it—the big picture, so to speak. Lots of PR agencies already use Technorati as a valuable research tool and we think this partnership will be an even greater service not just to the PR world, but Technorati users in general - in other words, anyone who wants to see more context around the press release.

All individual press releases distributed by PR Newswire will now contain by default a “Technorati” button that links readers to a Technorati conversation page for that press release. From that page, folks can set up an automatic watch list or Technorati-mini to monitor new posts. It’s a great way to track the online buzz that is so often generated by press releases.

We are excited about partnering with them, linking PR Newswire with the global conversation on the Live Web, and being of service to both the organizations creating the press releases as well as all the folks out on the web who want to be able to connect and find out more about the reactions to and the context of the release.

Of course, there's a press release for the announcement by PR Newswire and Technorati, and you can see the conversation around it as well.

Happy Taggiversary!

Today is the second anniversary of tags. In honor of the occasion, Technorati will launch on Monday morning new and updated Tag Pages, reflecting the spread and ubiquity of tags across the World Live Web.

Here's a quick look at what you'll see this morning when the new pages launch (click on the image to see the page in all its glory):

When we rolled out tags 2 years ago, only a few other sites had implemented them as a part of their service. Now every major blog publishing platform includes them – but they’re quickly becoming a key publishing feature across the many other forms of citizen media. That’s right: tags aren’t just for bloggers anymore. You can tag photos (try Flickr), videos (YouTube, Revver, Blip.TV), games, podcasts, songs, or even a person! Technorati likewise is increasingly going beyond blogs to present to you the best of the Live Web, no matter what the media type might be. Because of our changes, tags are a better way than ever for citizen publishers of all kinds to categorize their work, making it all the more visible to people who want to find their stuff.

And, with the launch of our new Tag Pages, we've improved the way that you can check out the Live Web, too. A Technorati Tag Page shows you everything in the known universe (blogs, videos, photos, podcasts, music, people) tagged with your topic or interests, all in one place. I like to think of it as a dynamic magazine on millions of topics, updated live, in real-time.For example, check out these tags pages (and don’t forget to surf the different tabs):

The beauty of tags is that they’re metadata: data about data. What does that mean? Tags actually describe their subject, as opposed to, say, keywords, which just occur within them. We think tags are becoming popular because on the Live Web, categories and topics are just as useful than keywords for describing and finding content, especially when that content doesn’t necessarily contain lots of relevant text (photos, videos, songs and so on). So, the next time you see tags around a good blog post (or video or game), click on it! And next time you’re at, try building a Tag Page on the topic of your choosing. It’s a great way to find what’s hot – right now – across the Live Web.

Update: It is live! As always, your comments and feedback are welcome...

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Eiffel Tower and Carousel - 2759

Ah, Paris. I just got back from spending 4 wonderful days there. Two of the days were spent at the Le Web 3 conference, which I enjoyed, and I got to spend two days (as well as the four evenings) roaming Paris and photographing its beauty.

I'll post some of my favorite shots over the next few days. This one was a pleasant surprise - I had no idea that a number of kids carousels were located just across the street from the Eiffel Tower, making for an interesting contrast. You can also see the spotlight of the Tower going across the top of the photo as well as the hourly sparkling lights that only flash for a few minutes to mark each hour.

Technorati named 2007 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Profiled in Time Magazine

Today was a pretty busy day! Technorati was selected by the World Economic Forum (yeah, the one that meets in Davos, Switzerland every year!) as a Technology Pioneer. I was blown away by this, as it is a pretty high honor - only 47 companies worldwide were selected, and it means that I'll be heading for Davos early next year for the conference.

I'm eager to learn more about what the actual conference is like and to meet up with other folks who are going, so drop me a line or leave a comment below if you want to meet up there, or if you are a Swiss local interested in meeting up.

The list of Technology Innovators is on the WEF site, and they put up a video of me answering some questions about Technorati.

Then to boot, Technorati was profiled in Time Magazine, as part of their Global Business Special Section! The online version of the article doesn't have the picture that went in the print magazine, so I've got a request in to the Time Magazine folks to get a copy of the picture up on the web, when I have more info, I'll put it up.

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