Technorati Is Proud to Sponsor the 2007 We Media Conference

2007 marks the third year of the We Media Conference, which aims to bring together eclectic leaders of industry for conversation on important and relevant topics. Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore spoke at We Media 05 (hosted by The Associated Press in New York), and I attended last year's forum in London hosted by the BBC and Reuters.

We Media isa compelling experience, and if you ever get the chance I recommend you go. The diversity of the group always brings interesting insight to each conference’s topic; last year the focus was “trust,” and the discussion was interesting. This year the conference looks at how digital media can improve real communities, and how to drive investment and innovation to that cause.

We Media is orchestrated by Andrew Nachison and Dale Peskin, who have recently launched a new organization called iFOCOS (
I’m very interested to see what new ideas emerge from this and future iFOCOS endeavors. You can participate in the discussion right now at the conference blog (, and this year they've added a We Media Film Fest for user-generated videos about community (

Publishers who will blog / vlog / or otherwise refer to the conference, please be sure to use the tag “” so we can track all the activity relating to this terrific conference. Details and registration here: I really encourage you to attend if you’re able.

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