PR Newswire Now Linking All Press Releases to TechnoratiPR Newswire Now Linking All Press Releases to Technorati

I'm happy to announce a new partnership with the largest PR network in the world, PR Newswire. Technorati will now provide real-time link tracking for all of their press releases. This will enable PR Newswire to provide its vast and global audience with not just the facts in a press release, but the real-time conversation around it—the big picture, so to speak. Lots of PR agencies already use Technorati as a valuable research tool and we think this partnership will be an even greater service not just to the PR world, but Technorati users in general - in other words, anyone who wants to see more context around the press release.

All individual press releases distributed by PR Newswire will now contain by default a “Technorati” button that links readers to a Technorati conversation page for that press release. From that page, folks can set up an automatic watch list or Technorati-mini to monitor new posts. It’s a great way to track the online buzz that is so often generated by press releases.

We are excited about partnering with them, linking PR Newswire with the global conversation on the Live Web, and being of service to both the organizations creating the press releases as well as all the folks out on the web who want to be able to connect and find out more about the reactions to and the context of the release.

Of course, there's a press release for the announcement by PR Newswire and Technorati, and you can see the conversation around it as well.