Technorati named 2007 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Profiled in Time Magazine

Today was a pretty busy day! Technorati was selected by the World Economic Forum (yeah, the one that meets in Davos, Switzerland every year!) as a Technology Pioneer. I was blown away by this, as it is a pretty high honor - only 47 companies worldwide were selected, and it means that I'll be heading for Davos early next year for the conference.

I'm eager to learn more about what the actual conference is like and to meet up with other folks who are going, so drop me a line or leave a comment below if you want to meet up there, or if you are a Swiss local interested in meeting up.

The list of Technology Innovators is on the WEF site, and they put up a video of me answering some questions about Technorati.

Then to boot, Technorati was profiled in Time Magazine, as part of their Global Business Special Section! The online version of the article doesn't have the picture that went in the print magazine, so I've got a request in to the Time Magazine folks to get a copy of the picture up on the web, when I have more info, I'll put it up.

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