Happy 3 year Birthday, Technorati!

Wow, it has been 3 years since the public release of Technorati, which I described in this blog post on November 27,2002. I'm frankly surprised to be doing what I'm doing with such a great team. Niall has put together an unofficial timeline of Technorati's life.

As a cursory read over what the original Technorati site did, you can see that our track record is about 50/50 - of the 4 features that I thought would be most interesting to people, two of them (Link Cosmos and Watchlists) made it, and are an integral part of our services today, and two of the features (Google Rank and Google Juice) got dropped. One of the interesting things that I've found during the three years since is that the success percentage has stayed about the same - about 50% of what we do (like tags, Blog Finder, Keyword Search, etc) have turned out successfully, a whole bunch of things we did were dead ends, missed opportunities, and outright failures.

And I gotta say, I'm awfully grateful to have had such a high success ratio. And I'm incredibly grateful to have the best users, customers, and partners in the world. Many thanks to our advisors and many friends of Technorati. You folks are great. Thanks for sticking by us during our tough times as well as during our successes.

We're redoubling our commitment to our corporate mantra: Be Of Service. That's what drives me and the whole team, to focus on being of service to you, our users, to our members, customers, partners, and to each other. I and the whole team look forward to your feedback.

Now, back to work for me!

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