Technorati Performance Improvement Update

I'm incredibly proud of the Technorati Engineering and Ops teams. They have been working day and night to deal with all of the growth that Technorati has been going through. Back in July, we made it our highest priority to improve site performance, and I and our team members kept you updated in some earlier posts.

Here's some facts:

  • Since beginning our infrastructure improvements, Technorati's uptime has improved significantly - in fact, we had 100% uptime for searches last month!
  • According to GrabPerf, even while our overall traffic has increased, our response times have consistently decreased: We are currently averaging subsecond response times for all core products: Search (766 ms), single-word search (651 ms), and Tags (836 ms).
  • A quick comparison of search speed of various blog engines is below, and you can see the continuous improvements that our engineers have been making over the past weeks and months. Technorati is the light blue line that is sandwiched right in there with Google Blog Search (731 ms) and Yahoo Blog Search (835 ms).


  • Here's another insight: Open the following three links in separate tabs in your browser, and click back and forth between them to get a quick view of the frequency distribution of search results: Technorati, Google, and Yahoo. The further the results are to the left hand side of the graph (consistently fast results), the better it is.
  • Technorati's index is the most comprehensive, and has the fastest updates. The index is over 3 years old, currently tracks over 21.5 million blogs, over 280 million unique posts and over 1.7 billion links are indexed. We are tracking over 60,000 new blogs each day, and over 700,000 new posts per day. Our median time to index is now under 3 minutes from the moment a blog post is created.

Notes: All engines noted are for the companies' blog search services. All of those graphs are updated dynamically, so don't be surprised if the numbers loook a little different when you click on them.

All this, and we rolled out a number of new features and improvements to current services as well. I'm just very, very proud of our team, and I'm really grateful to be able to work with them each day. And we're constantly striving to do better. Please send us feedback and let us know how we can make things even better for you - what are we missing? How can we be more of service to you?

Update: Many thanks to Randy Charles Morin for pointing out a typo in the stats on number of blogs indexed, I have updated the post to include the correct number of blogs and posts. I also added in the number of new blogs and posts we're tracking every day as well. Thanks, Randy!

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