Heading to Paris for Les Blogs

The SFO International Cafe

I'm sitting here at SFO getting ready for the long flight to Amsterdam, heading to Les Blogs. I got invited to the first one, organized by the remarkable Loic Lemeur, but I was unable to attend last year. After hearing about it, I resolved to make sure I didn't miss it this year. I'm also testing out some new photo workflow on my Mac - I've finally completely moved away from iPhoto - which, while fine for small collections, is just atrocious and buggy for avid photographers like myself. I recently plunked down the cash and bought iView Media Pro 3, and so far it has been meeting my expectations. It certainly has a much fuller set of features, more natural inclusion of RAW images into workflow, and much better natural metadata support. The only thinkg that bugs me now is the loss of simple imports of photos from my memory cards into the program, and I'm also debating the "one large catalog to hold them all" or the "many small catalogs all combined into sets" philosophies.

The Plane to Amsterdam, through a windowshade

In short I'm just surprised I even have time to think about this stuff right now, life and work have been so incredibly busy that I haven't had the few moments or tranquility of mind to sit down and just write. I hope that this short trip to Paris (my first!) will provide me with some time to step out of the trenches a bit and think about some more big picture stuff. Perhaps even blog more!

If you're going to be out in Paris at the show and you want to get together, drop me a line. And I'm always looking for interesting things to do and photograph during the off hours...

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