Public Service Announcement: When was your last fully bootable backup?

I'm working from home today, so I kicked off something that I really needed to do for a while - I'm running a fully bootable backup of my primary computer onto one of my portable hard drives. I also dropped by the local Best Buy and picked up a 750GB Seagate drive, which I got for only $197, that's 26 cents per gigabyte (wow). I've had good performance with the Seagate drives - they're quiet, as opposed to the WD "My Book" drives, which sound like a jet engine going off in my living room. I got the extra 750GB to do a complete backup of all the photographs I've taken since 1999, which now total about 550GB, so that's running at the same time. I've had all of that data up to 2007 backed up on DVDs, but I haven't had time to do my annual yearly DVD backup, and I was starting to feel vulnerable - I wouldn't want to lose all those photographs from the entire year!

So, when was the last time YOU did a full backup of your primary computer? How much valuable data would you lose if your disk went chunka-chunka-chunka-whiiiiiiiiine tomorrow?

Go back up your data. it's amazing how little storage costs nowadays, and don't put it off until tomorrow - there's nothing worse than the shiver that runs down your spine when you realize that you just lost all the work you've been doing for the last month/quarter/year...

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