Big Winter Storm in San Francisco this weekend: Some pictures.

Right after the big winter storm blew past, I ran down to Ocean Beach on the west end of San Francisco, and got a few shots of the sun, the rain, and the spectacular clouds and waves blowing around. I love the silhouette of the person walking dogs in the foreground, too:

Sunset after the big winter storm, Ocean Beach, San Francisco 1/4/2008 - 1107

I like the square crop of the next photo. It is all about expressing a mood - of solitude, of watching the remains of a massive storm, of knowing that the rocks are still there - battered, bruised, but still standing - even 85 mph winds can't knock these guys down, and how small we really are in this world.

I also liked the compostion, the negative space, what it leaves out of the photo:

Rocks in the sea through the mist after the big winter storm, Ocean Beach San Francisco 1/4/2008 - 1103

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