Farewells and Welcomes

In the life of companies, there are moments of welcoming and there are times when one must bid a fond farewell. For Technorati, at this moment, we must say a warm goodbye to our colleagues Adam Hertz and Tantek Celik. I remember when both started here at Technorati three years ago, literally on the same day, and find it ironic, therefore, that both will leave us on the same day, even if for different reasons.

Adam, in his role as Vice President of Engineering, and Tantek, as our Chief Technologist, played important roles in shaping the company we are today. Three years ago, there were just a few of us, dreaming and scheming about how to scale our promising little enterprise. Today, we are about 45 people, have a presence in Japan, serve about 12 million unique visitors each month, are watching our page views grow by double-digits each quarter, and continue to innovate based on the needs and interests of our users.

So, as both leave Technorati to pursue other interests, I simply want to say: thank you. I also want to say that it makes me very happy they both will remain as part of our extended family. On the fourth anniversary of Technorati, it seemed the right time to create a Technorati Fellows program and I've asked Adam to be our very first Technorati fellow. In this role, Adam will continue to offer strategic advice and support to me and to others here at Technorati moving forward. Tantek will join the Technorati Board of Advisors so we'll continue to benefit from his guidance and wisdom as he moves on to ever-greater heights.

This moment also affords me the opportunity to extend a welcome - to our friend and colleague Dorion Carroll, who will take on the role of Vice President of Engineering, reporting to me. This appointment represents a consolidation of roles, combining engineering, technology leadership and product development. Dorion has been on the Technorati team for more than two years and brings with him 20 years experience in a variety of engineering and product leadership roles. During his time at Technorati, Dorion has led the introduction of most of the new features available on our Web site today and has worked very closely with our search team to bring their constant innovations to our users.

We're continuing to hire as well - we're looking for a kick-ass Director of Operations, as well as a number of Search, Systems Administrators, DBAs, and Sales posts. You can see them all here.

I hope you'll join me in wishing Adam and Tantek all the best as they move on to their next great adventures in life and on the live web, and in welcoming Dorion to his challenging and well-deserved new role at Technorati. I'm confident that we'll be seeing great things from each of them!

UPDATE: OK, I deserve to get hit with the stupid stick - I left our wonderful Liz Dunn out of the post when I put it up, who is taking a great job over at Laugh or Die. My apologies, Liz! My only explanation is that I had written this post over the weekend, before this great job had fallen in your lap, and I spaced out when I was posting. Best wishes, darling, you're great, we'll miss you.

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