Photowalking 8 (Half Moon Bay) pictures are up

I spent Sunday morning with Robert Scoble, Thomas Hawk, and about 20 other photographers down in Half Moon Bay. It was a great time! Robert rented a massive 600mm f4 lens, and let us all use it, while he was taking video the whole time. At first, that monster was a bit overwhelming, and I withdrew, but I later got some nice shots with it (my favorites are "Fishing under the trees" and "Cutting the Surf 2") but I also found some lovely shots in the details, taking pictures of dew on the flowers at the beach, and I really loved making some abstracts of the sand and its patterns. Here's a few shots below. Pop on over to the set at Flickr to see them all...

Ice Plants in Dew 10 - 6804.jpg Before Sunrise - 6583.jpg

Freedom! - 6990.jpg

Scoble and Hawk walking the beasts - 6654.jpg

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