GrabPERF is looking for measurement locations

Steven Pierzchala, who runs the GrabPERF project (full disclosure: Technorati owns the site) is looking for more measurement locations. For those of you who don't know about GrabPERF, it is a free resource for performance monitoring - and Steven offers it for free, in public, to anyone. He's looking for people or organizations that have a Linux box with a static IP address to act as data collection agents. You really can be anywhere around the worl, and the processes run in the background, quietly testing the locations that GrabPERF tracks in the background. It shouldn't be a significant resource hog.

I think that having resources like this (think of it as an Alexa for website performance, just more accurate) is a really important thing to continue to support.

Here's some interesting data you can get at GrabPERF:

Comparitive Blog/Tag Search Performance over a week:

Go help out Steven!

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