Watching the WTFs roll in

I've been addicted this morning to the list of new WTFs that people are writing - really interesting stuff! You can see the explanations that people all around the web are making on topics that they know about. We're also getting LOTS of great feedback from all of you out on the web about the new feature, and we're listening really carefully.

First off, performance and continuing scalability of the core Technorati service is still job #1. We've actually been growing pretty significantly over the last few months, so lot of our time and energy is being spent on continuing to build out the core service, and make sure that searches work well, all the time. We're also continuing to expand our work at finding and eliminating spam from our indexes, to make sure that your feeds are only filled with the best and most interesting results, not spam or plagiarism.

Now that WTF is out, we're redoubling our efforts on that front, and the recent search comparisons have helped to shed some light on areas where we need to continue to improve. Thanks for that.

We're also working very hard on making Technorati's services more relevant and timely and easy to understand for the non-blogger - the person who isn't a hard-core blogger, but wants to know what's gong on around a particular item or topic, and to be able to participate with a community of like-minded people as well. Hopefully, that participation will make everyone's experience better, and make Technorati more useful to everyone.

Keep all the great comments and feedback coming - this conversation is really important to us, especially when you tell us what you don't like, it's the best way for us to learn about how to better be of service to you. Sometimes it is a humbling experience but in the end, this is all about serving you, and providing you with the best possible service.

In the end, we're a startup of 40 people, and we're working on some pretty ambitious stuff to help make your experience of the web a more fun, satisfying one. So, I apologize for the glitches and issues, we're going to continue to make the service better, faster, and more glitch-free. And we're also going to continue to roll out new products and services that lead the way around exposing the Live Web - the real-time web. I hope that you enjoy and use WTF, it is just one of a long list of changes, features, and improvements that you're going to see coming from Technorati over the coming months. Stay tuned!

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