Technorati Joins Startups in a Viral Ad Campaign for the Big Game

Remember when Web 1.0 companies of the late nineties ran all those expensive ads during the Superbowl? Well we Web 2.0 companies like to think we've moved beyond that irrational exuberance to something much better: rational exuberance. Or maybe we're just not as rich!

But at any rate, we’re definitely not buying the same TV spots during the Big Game that companies like Webvan and did a few years ago. Times have changed, and so have methods. So when a company called Meebo asked us to join their viral Super-Bowl ad campaign, we were all for it.

Meebo, Meez, Multiply, Plaxo, and Technorati have all banded together to produce some of our own citizen Super-Bowl ads, and we're not running them on TV, we're running them on YouTube, of course.

We took the opportunity to promote our new feature, WTF, but frankly, it was just a lot of fun. So follow the link, watch our ad, and those of our fellow startups! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did, because after all, our goal is always to be of service, even if it’s just making you laugh.

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