TiVo Feature Request: Play all programs in a group

So I finally got a VCR+DVD Recorder combo in order to put those "Dora the Explorer" episodes onto DVD for the kids to watch while on a plane, and after getting everything all connected up, I am placed in a baffling situation.

You see, TiVo has this very nice "Save to VCR" capability, where you can hit record on your VCR (or DVD recorder) and the program will get a nice title sequence and play out to the recording device. TiVo also has this nice program grouping capability, so I can se that I have 18 Dora The Explorer episodes saved on the box. What I'd really like is a way to have the TiVo play all 18 of those episodes back-to-back without having to waste my entire Sunday babysitting the machine to see if it has finished each 30 minute episode. I'd really like to actually get out of the house, you see.

Anyone have any ideas or solutions?

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