Weekend Edition Saturday

Logo Npr 125I'm on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday, discussing the State of the Blogosphere report. On Thursday I went down to the studios at KQED here in San Francisco, and chatted with host Scott Simon for about 10 minutes.

As of this writing, NPR has put up a permalink to the interview, but haven't put up the link to the audio itself - I believe that the audio will go up at 1PM EST. UPDATE: You can now listen to the audio, in Real or Windows Media formats.

I'm a HUGE NPR fan (it is basically the only live radio I listen to anymore), and it was very exciting and a bit surreal to put on the headphones in the sound-proof booth and talk with Scott. Being such an NPR fan, I was really nervous. I hope they edited the interview well, and that I was of service to you - helping to make the blogosphere a bit more understandable to folks who don't already know about it...

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