Pictures from Rome, Italy

I can't believe that it has been over a month since I last blogged. Well, I've got a bunch of things to blog about, so I'm going to keep it short and sweet, and blog early and blog often.

I had the great privilege of speaking to the 2006 OECD Conference on the Digital Society in Rome last week. It was my first trip to Rome, and I took an extra day to beat the jetlag and to explore Rome a bit. I had a wonderful afternoon wandering around the Vatican, Castel St. Angelo, and The Pantheon with Bradley Horowitz last Wednesday, and then Thursday had a wonderful chance to get a scooter's-eye view of the city with Robin Good. I took lots of pictures, and just put the best ones up on Flickr. You can also see them as a slideshow. Below are some of my personal favorites:

IMG_0040 CRW_2064

CRW_2172 CRW_1967 CRW_2250