Technorati is looking for a top notch web developer

Because he just absolutely nailed it in his post and I want to grow the word, I'm going to blatantly plagiarize Tantek (thanks!):

Technorati is hiring for a few key positions. There is one position in particular that I want to call out:

Web Development Engineer.

We are looking for someone who is extremely proficient in state of the art LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) development, with emphasis on PHP and Apache.

Are you a self-starter web developer who builds whole web services and sites not only for work but for your own convenience, necessity, and especially fun?

Have you independently kept up not only with server-side development, but modern client-side development tools and techniques such as standards-compliant CSS, semantic XHTML / microformats, unobtrusive javascript despite watching your co-workers (perhaps even superiors) stick with "old ways" that have "always worked for them"?

Perhaps you are working at one of those larger web companies.

Are you tired of years of following big company processes and bureaucracy? Do you find it excruciatingly painful to have to slow yourself (and your productivity) down to the slowest link in a large team chain which itself is hobbled by a variety of different types of managers, planners, directors who are motivated more by fear than opportunity?

In these opening days of 2006, take a look at your job, and ask yourself if you are truly happy where you are.

Or are you merely wasting away your most creative years in the confines of a comfortable campus, a gilded cage by any other name?

Or perhaps working in a culture of elitist secrecy in exchange for free lunches and dinners?

Are you fulfilling your potential?

One way to gain the freedom to pursue your potential is by doing your own startup. I've done this oncefour times, and I may do so again at some point (once you've tried it and tasted success on your own terms, it's difficult to not think about doing it again). By all means, if you're thinking about doing this, I encourage you to do so.

But just for a moment, imagine not only the freedom and opportunity to pursue your potential, but a small set of folks all similarly inspired to do so, all supporting each other in that pursuit.

No finely trimmed corporate campus. No fulltime chef. No onsite dry cleaning (though there is a dry cleaner a half block away, we are located in a city afterall).

Just you, your potential, and an inspired team that's changing the world.

So if you are such a modern web developer, contact us. Or perhaps you'll find some other way of getting our attention. Like blogging and linking to this post.

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