Using the Technorati Mini to keep track of Les Blogs

I'm here listening to the great sessions at Les Blogs in real-time with the new Technorati Mini window, and it hit me that I bet a whole bunch of people have never heard of or used the Mini. It is, after all, a feature we introduced a few weeks ago. I find myself using the Minis more and more as a great way to keep track of the conversation about me and about the stuff I'm interested in in real-time. I'm loving it here at the conference, it is helping me to keep up with things.
So here's how you use it:

1) Go to Technorati and type some keywords or a URL that you want to track, e.g. I typed in lesblogs
2) Then look over at the right hand side of the result page, here's a screenshot:

3) Click on where it says "View in Mini" (I've highlighted it). You'll need to make sure to allow popups from technorati if you use popup blocking software like IE or recent versions of Firefox.
4) Enjoy!

As always, we're looking for feedback! If you're here at the conference, come down and give me a shout, I'm sitting down in the front on stage left right by the big podium!