Tracking the Syndicate Conference with the new Tag Mini!

Les Blogs was great, and it was fun to use the new Technorati Mini to show off the conversations happening on the World Live Web - this new experience of the web as a dynamic, living place.

We just rolled out an enhancement to the popular Mini - you can now get a Mini for Tag results! Here's a tag page for the Syndicate Conference, and here's a picture showing you where to click to bring up the Mini.

So here's how you use it:

1) Go to Technorati and click on the Tags tab.
2) Type the tag or tags that you want to track (I used the nifty Advanced Search in the Options area to include a bunch of tags)
2) Then look over at the right hand side of the result page, here's a screenshot:


3) Click on where it says "View in Mini" (I've highlighted it). You'll need to make sure to allow popups from Technorati if you use popup blocking software like IE or recent versions of Firefox.
4) Enjoy!

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