New Technorati Pinger is active: Hot 'n fresh weblog indexing

Over the past months, I've had a lot of people send me email or leave comments asking how they can get their weblog indexed by Technorati.  This weekend, I had a few hours of free time and I whipped a new feature with two interfaces:  It is a standard XML-RPC ping server (like that you can add to your weblog software configuration (or that hosting providers can use) that will immediately add your weblog into a special high-priority queue for Technorati's indexing runs.  This means faster, more accurate search data.

To use the pinger, there are two interfaces: an XML-RPC interface at which understands the and weblogUpdates.extendedPing specifications detailed in the specification and the specification.  I don't have a SOAP 1.1 version done yet, but I can add that, if people want it - leave a comment below.

If you're using a modern weblog package like Moveable Type, blosxom, pMachine or many others, simply add to your notifications configuration.

The other way of notifying Technorati that you've updated your weblog is the web interface available at  Simply fill in your weblog name and its URL and voila, your weblog will be added into the fast indexing queue.  Once you've done it, you can even bookmark the page so that you can easily notify Technorati whenever you update or add items to your blog.

Of course, if you're currently notifying,, or when your weblog is updated, your weblog will continue to make its way into the Technorati index, albeit a bit more slowly.  Notifying Technorati directly will put your weblog (or weblog hosting site) onto a higher priority track to get included in the index.

These two features are new, so there might be some downtime or fixes during the next few days if I need to fix a bug or two, but the interface and the ping URLs are set in stone, so if you are a blogging tool author you don't need to worry that the service will move to a different location, or that the API will change.

A new wiki page describes how to add the ping service to your favorite weblogging tool's configuration.

As always, feedback is appreciated.