Newsmonster 1.0RC1 ships with Technorati support

Kevin Burton has been a busy guy lately, getting a new release of his uber-aggregator tool Newsmonster out the door.  I've been playing with it and it is really quite slick.  Kevin's built a cross-platform tool because it runs inside of Mozilla.  So, right off, it runs on every platform that Mozilla runs on, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.  Kevin adds in multipaned windows, and automatic integration of feeds/pages that don't have RSS, and things start to really cook. 

Then to top it all off, he has integrated the Technorati API into the application, which makes finding the conversations around any article you're reading as simple as pie.  He's posted some screenshots as well.  Here's a view of Technorati threading and here's one of its Technorati Keyword Search integration.  It even has its own reputation system built in. These features are what sets NewsMonster apart for me - being able to quickly get context information on news and events of the day ads a tremendous amount of value to my daily web experience, and by displaying the Technorati Link Cosmos results as threads in NewsMonster makes following the conversation a much richer experience.  Kudos, Kevin!  Now all we need is the ability to post to a weblog via NewsMonster, and I'll be all set.