My new!

I'm sitting here in my new home office, woo hoo!  Given the upcoming release of Sifry 3.0 (any day now), this new office downstairs in my basement under my stairwell (remember Harry Potter's room under the stairs?) is actually a cozy spot.  It also gives me some balance so that I can go to a quiet place to work while also having the baby monitor nearby.  And all the tech infrastructure that was necessary was an electrical outlet, a couple of lamps (14000K Fluorescent for the cool spectrum, Halogen desk lamp for the warm light add up to a nearly full sunlight spectrum) and a UPS.  Connectivity is completely wireless (via a handy-dandy Sputnik AP120 upstairs) and my dd has packed productivity enhancers in every possible nook and cranny.  He carefully measured, cut, and adjusted the 7' long desk to fit around the exposed studs almost perfectly, and then put shelving between the studs, making use of the space above the desk that would otherwise be lost.  There's a lip under the desk where the house foundation meets the staircase, and it has been transformed into a utility shelf, holding my UPS and computer speakers.  I also plan on putting a small computer underneath to further take advantage of the space.  All in all, I'm a happy man with a clean desk.  I wonder how long it'll stay that way.