Hilary Rosen to rewrite Iraq's copyright laws?

It is being reported in the My 6, 2003 Harper's Weekly Review (damn, no permalinks!) and The Register that Hilary Rosen, the CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America, is going to help rewrite Iraq's copyright laws.  Whoa!  I thought we were fighting this war for the freedom and liberation of the Iraqi people.  Hmmm, real, or hoax?  Rosen has announced her resignation from the RIAA by the end of 2003.  The only article I can find on this story is Andrew Orlowski, who isn't exactly known for his journalistic ethics or fact-checking ability.  He references investigative journalist Gregory Palast, who has written for Harper's in the past.  Orlowski also has quotes from Palast from the Democracy Now radio program.  Can anyone verify this?