Technorati Gets Some Good Press

Some fun stuff going on as the mainstream press continues to discover and report on weblogs.  Three new articles cover Technorati - First, one in the Oakland Tribune by Francine Brevetti, titled Net becomes ideological battleground covers Technorati's Current Events and the Top 100, and covers Where's Raed? which shot up to #2 on the Top 100 in less than a month. People interested in Current Events should also check out Technorati Breaking News, which lists breaking news chronologically, rather than by popularity. 

RSS: Your Gateway To News & Blog Content is written by Danny Sullivan, the editor of SearchEngineWatch.  Danny has some very kind things to say in the section describing Technorati.  An excerpt:

Unlike the RSS search engines above, you can't keyword search at Technorati. Nevertheless, there's a lot to like from this wonderful site that launched earlier this year as a blog discovery and analysis tool.
the third mention is a blurb in the St. Petersburg Times' Personal Tech section titled Blogosphere spyglass:
Everybody's entitled to his or her opinions on current events, and a blog is perhaps the greatest way to express them. I've resisted going crazy with links to war sites because so many of them have a clear pro- or antiwar bias regardless of how well the content is written. But here's a site that's fit to link and specializes in overview rather than opinion ...
Cool stuff, I'm glad that people are enjoying the service. 

Now for something completely different:  I've been following two interesting blogs by Valley VCs that deserve mention for their interesting content and forward thinking:  VentureBlog, put together by some of the partners at August Capital, and Due Diligence, which I mentioned here before, put together by Tim Oren.  Good going, folks!  This kind of openness and smarts is good for you, your firms, and will help to better breach the gulf between VCs and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.  Great reading.