Blog Explosion: Technorati hits 200,000 blogs

Wow, it's only been a month since Technorati reached the 100,000 blogs tracked milestone, and today we tracked our 200,000th blog.  All in all, that makes over 13.2 Million active links in the database, a more than doubling of the database size.  On average, over 3,000 new blogs each day are created, in dozens of languages.  At the same time, thanks to some significant improvements in Technorati's spidering engine, the median time from posting to indexing is now 15 minutes.  That means that on average, the content that you post to your blog is indexed by Technorati within 15 minutes of when you posted it.

Many thanks to all of the people who have used the service, especially those who support Technorati by purchasing a watchlist subscription - they're cheap for individuals: only $5/year for email watchlists, and $10/year for RSS feeds!  As each day does by, you can track conversations that link to you with greater breadth and quicker response than ever before. 

We're continuously soliciting feedback - what are we doing right, what are we doing wrong, what would you like Technorati to do for you?  Keep those emails coming.  And thanks again for your support.