RSS 2.0 for Popular Technorati Feeds

I had a few minutes tonight to put up the auto-generated RSS feeds for three of Technorati's favorites:

Technorati Top 100: The blogging A-List, based on a linear ranking of the number of incoming links from other blogs.  I recently removed a bunch of sites that really aren't weblogs themselves, like CNN, Google, and AltaVista, and blogging software sites like Blogger, Movable Type, Userland, and Blog*Spot.  Of course you can still see the Link Cosmoses for these sites, but I felt that they weren't really blogs or they didn't provide significant interesting information to bloggers.  I decided to leave in the blogging news sites, like Daypop, Popdex, Blogdex, and Technorati.  OK, so call me biased, but I felt that those sites, even though they are largely automated, provide a significant source of content to bloggers by aggregating blogs.  Hey, if you don't like it, leave a comment and an argument for why some site should (or shouldn't) be in the Top 100.

Interesting Recent Blogs: A list of blogs that people have been talking about for the last 48 hours.  The Blogging A-List is eligible to be on this list, but it is based on the ratio of new links to existing links, so you've got to do something to significantly increase your flow to get on this list.

Interesting Newcomers: A list that is similar to the Interesting Recent Blogs list above, but does not include the A-List bloggers, and has a lower threshold so that bloggers who haven't been around for as long or who are "up-and-comers" can get more easily noticed.