Over 100,000 Blogs served

stats.pngCool.  Technorati has broken the 100,000 blog barrier.  We are now actively tracking over 100,000 blogs, in near real-time, meaning that new blog entries show up in Technorati in under an hour after they are posted.

The Interesting Recent Blogs and Interesting Newcomers lists have proven fruitful as well - I found a few interesting new blogs today - one of them is a news service offered by the Mainichi Shimbun called "Wai Wai", which is a selection of wacky news from the Japanese press, translated by the Mainichi.  I always loved the Japanese weeklies, they add a whole new meaning to the term "tabloid", and they're always full of interesting opinion on the underside of the Japanese culture.  Some interesting recent links:  "Moral decline sees increase in child abuse, mothers sleeping with sons", "Masturbation diddling with Married Life", and the ever-popular "Dominatrix whips up donations for refugees".  Great stuff.