Stanford Spectrum Policy Conference

I'm really looking forward to the Spectrum Policy Conference going on at Stanford this weekend.  One of the highlights will be a panel with FCC Chairman Michael Powell, renowned economist Harold Demsetz, and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kozinski.  Being on the west coast, I haven't been much involved with spectrum issues, but givenrecent rulings on the phone companies, not to mention the work that my own company is doing using unlicensed radios, using smart radios and more efficient use of the finite spectrum opens up a trapdoor from the monopolies and regulation that has slowed so much growth in the past.

I'll be doing a bunch of blogging from the conference, although I have a feeling there will be problems with the WiFi implementation, given Stanford's university policy towards 802.11, although I am interested in seeing how the university staff has implemented access control on a wide range of hardware. I've already offered to bring a Sputnik AP which will allow guest access and enforce access control and bandwidth shaping on the attendees, but haven't heard back yet from the organizers.  NB: I'm also looking forward to meeting Larry Lessig (why haven't you blogged lately, Larry?)  Also it'll be great to see local advocates like Tim Pozar, DeWayne Hendricks, and Doc Searls there.  If you're coming to the conference and you want to met up, drop me a line.

UPDATE: Looks like Dave is going to set up another one of his awesome Spicy Noodle parties (but this time in a different place) for Saturday night. I'll bring my camera.