Hey, that's my telephone number on Google!

Stalker PhoneHere's an interesting Google tidbit - it's now the world's largest reverse phone directory.  Simply type in a phone number, and chances are, you'll see a little telephone icon with your name, address, and convenient links to Yahoo! Maps and Mapquest so that anyone can find out where you live.

Here's a great example.  Simply type in a favorite phone number, say: (301) 424-6613.  That's total information awareness for you, and all brought to you by your friendly neighborhood search engine. with easy driving directions.

Am I the only guy that gets uncomfortable about this?  Is the genie already out of the bottle?  Will we be forced to live in a world without any privacy altogether?  Hey, I understand the tech behind this, and if Google abandoned the service, others would continue to expand their directories.  Is it too late for privacy?  Are we the victims of our own wish for transparancy and frictionlessness?

I wish I had the answer...