Meet the new blog...

Same as the old blog! Well, not quite the same - things were getting kind of ratty over in the world of Sifry's Alerts, so I updated and upgraded a bunch of components - namely updating the blog to the latest version of Wordpress (3.6 as of this writing), got a new bootstrap-based responsive site template called "builder" from Themeforest, and set about making things a lot prettier and simpler. I've taken a bit of inspiration from Ev and the folks over at Medium - they've really done a great job at making a clean, well-organized, simple composition interface that is as close to WYSIWYG as I've found so far on the web.

However, I still like to have my own piece of web real estate, with a domain and infrastructure that I own and manage (well, even if the server is hosted on an EC2 instance!) It makes me feel like a digital homesteader, even if it means that sometimes it appears that I'm just looking out of an old log cabin at all you young kids on all the fancy hosted social networks/blogging services, yelling "Get off my lawn"!

I really do  like you on my lawn. Welcome, pull up a lawn chair and hang out a while. Maybe we'll have a good conversation or two.