Mitt Romney Called Me!

Mitt Romney Called Me!
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  • By Laser Haas 13 Jan 2008

    What is really going on is Mitt is starting to lose his grip, which is a good thing for America. For several years, rogue parties within the Dept of Justice have been utilizing Tax Payer dollars defending and trying to cover up $300 million in fraud and perjury that benefited Romney’s Bain entity in 2001 when Romney was still controlling, managing partner.
    In the Federal case of eToys law firms MNAT and TBF that worked for Romney and Bain owned entities such as Stage Stores and the Learning Company were hired as Debtor and Creditor’s counsel of eToys. Then MNAT and TBF planted a paid associate of TBF in as CEO of eToys. At the same time the law firms and CEO negotiated the sale of eToys assets to Bain/KB Toys all without disclosing their connections to the entity.
    When we reported the fraud and perjury we were ordered by our own lawyer to “back off”, who emailed us a threat from TBF, saying not only would we not be paid, but additional retaliations would occur. The Dept of Justice US Trustee’s assisted these retaliations
    Now we discovered that the US Attorney in Delaware, Colm F Connolly, who’s office said no case, no investigation and no charges would be filed, even though MNAT and TBF “confessed” to supplying more than 19 false affidavits to the Court, where it is now discovered that one of the reasons Colm F Connolly may have refused to prosecute the perjury and fraud is because Colm Connolly was a partner with MNAT in 2001 when the perjury and fraud began.
    If Bain and Mitt can enjoy this type of corrupt government protection before he gets into office, what do you think will happen after he became president?
    You can see our online affidavit of the fraud at and you can see the WSJ on the US Trustee settlement of the perjury at

  • By Parham 13 Jan 2008

    This post is hilarious! I can’t believe Mitt Romney is using personalized, phony, fund raising broadcast.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  • By Newton Ma 31 Mar 2008

    and to think good ol’ mitt may be a VP candidate LOL


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