Technorati brings back charts and authority filtering to search results pages

Technorati brings back charts and authority filtering to search results pages

Technorati brings back charts and authority filtering to search results pages

AuthorityfilterAh, I’m really proud of the Technorati team. Richard and the team rolled out a bunch of updates tonight to the core search results that should make a bunch of people happier, as they are direct responses to a lot of feedback that we heard about from bloggers and regular users of the service. First off, doing a search now brings up a full list of posts, not just a select list of the top 3 tagged posts. We still default you to tagged posts (they’re often more relevant than just keyword matches), but you can easily toggle between tags and full keyword information.

We also brought back the authority filter and the charts, and you can see them on the right hand side of the page. And yes Virginia, you can now easily set your default filter to whatever you like, and it is sticky between sessions (as long as you’re on the same computer, of course).

In addition, now that our enormous server move is done from 365 Main to our new colo facilities, we’re experiencing much better stability and performance. Of course, the ops team is still keeping a daily eye out for any nasties, but it feels really great to know that the worst parts of the colo move are now long behind us, and we can let them get sleep (occasionally). I’m really grateful they’re around!

Keep up the great feedback and comments that we’ve gotten in the past few months – we’re constantly on the lookout for any issues that might rear their head in the future, and having so many great bloggers out there to let us know about them helps the team enormously. My apologies again if you’ve been affected by a problem, glitch, or a bug. We’re working hard to make that a thing of the past.

Onwards and upwards!

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  • By Clement 17 Oct 2007

    Thanks for the update. These changes have come at time when my liking for Technorati was going down. I hope it will continue to be a great service.

  • By Dave Snowden 17 Nov 2007

    My experiences are very different. If I look at my watchlist (the main use I make) some searches are now patchy and inconsistant. Sometimes they present a completely different look and feel without any change at the user end. In addition the authority levels update more or less when they feel like it rather than consistently.
    Checking around I am not the only worried about these and related issues,


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