Back from RIT. Great time, yummy ribs, some photos.

It was my first trip to Rochester, where I spoke at the RIT Entrepreneur's conference. It was a lot of fun, and the folks there really showed a lot of hospitality and rolled out the red carpet for me. The last evening, we went to a famous Biker bar / BBQ place called Dinosaur. Here's a pic of me digging in to the ribs:

Yum, ribs at Dinosaur - 4121.jpg
Thanks again to Vic, Liz, Eric, Matt, Lane, Richard, Meryl, Donna, and everyone else who made me so welcome.

Here's a picture from a short trip out to one of the finger lakes towns, and the pier on the river:

Abstract of Pier - 3919.jpg

I put up the entire set of pictures.

Here's one more that I really like, of the green green grass and maple leaves that are changing in color. I just liked the composition.

Leaves and Grass - 3915.jpg

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