Had a nice lunch with an old friend and colleague, Liz Westover. lt's nice to get away and explore some restaurants outside of SOMA/South Park, we went to the Presidio and had lunch in the place that just opened in the Letterman building. Not bad (the display was very nice for my salmon salad) but a bit overpriced and difficult to eat - I only had about 4 inches of plate room to pick at my food.:-) The folks at Nokia have asked me to come and speak at their upcoming NokiaWorld conference, and I'm really looking forward to it. It's in Amsterdam on December 4th and 5th. In order to get my head around the new mobile apps that are out there, I've got a new Nokia N95 (they sent me one, so all disclaimers apply) and I broke out an old bluetooth keyboard, and I've decided to take this little baby out for a trial run, see what having all this mobile computing power means, what new applications are available, etc. I'll be posting more as I get a better hang of things.