Overgrown Redwood Log and Wildflowers

Overgrown Redwood Log and Wildflowers - 7634.jpgHad a wonderful weekend enjoying the lush Northern California spring up in the redwoods. One of the joys is just slowing down and breathing the clear, crisp, fresh air, full of Oxygen - you can just feel the difference, even if San Francisco is one of the top cities in terms of air quality, it still is just fresher up in the mountains.

And spring is absolutely bursting up there - this picture was taken in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, which was as lush as I've ever seen it. It was wonderful to go walking with a tripod and a basic 50mm lens, and to just slow down, breathe, and find just the right shot. This one had it all for me - the moss-covered log, the clover, and the tiny blue wildflowers just bursting through the ground - you could almost hear them growing, pushing through the earth, enjoying their life. If you like the shot, go and download the original size - I just love the details in this shot.

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