Make Magazine adds Link Count Widget in 3 minutes

Makelogo UrlI'm incredibly excited tonight because I've been showing off the new Live Link Count Widget to a number of bloggers, and the response has been quite positive. Phil Torrone, Senior Editor at Make, and keeper of the MakeBlog got it installed and working in just under 3 minutes. Right after putting it up, he posted about it:

Ok Makers we added a cool new link to all the blog posts on MAKE, it's called the "Technorati Link Counter Widget" - it will show other makers and sites that are linking to the post you're reading. Just click "View blog reactions" - It's a great way to find other maker-friendly sites, tech sites and people/orgs that are likely interested in similar topics - so check it out, let us know what you think, consider this an experiment... and if you have a site, post a link to MAKE so we can see you! Link & Technorati Link Counter Widget.

Here are a couple examples...

When you view these on posts, you'll see the # of people talking before you click, so far it's pretty impressive and spam free!

I'm totally excited that we could be of service to Phil and to Make. If you're not a regular subscriber to Make already, you should definitely check it out and make it a favorite! There's some of the most interesting original content and hacks up on the site, and the magazine is wonderful as well!

Don't forget to check out their Open Source Gift guide - perfect for all the geeks in your life, or sign up for the Maker's Bill of Rights, can't wait to see which major manufacturer will be the first to put one of those in a box...