Guy Kawasaki Interview / Link count update

IMG_0260Guy Kawasaki has put up an interview with me that we did over email a couple of weeks ago. Guy was the first person I'd ever heard called a technology evangelist, and I've followed his career since he was at Apple in the 1980's and I was in high school in New York, hearing about magical places called Mountain View, Cupertino, and Palo Alto. His book The Macintosh Way changed my life, and molded the way that I think about products and the companies that build them. Guy was also one of the people that I'd always wanted to meet, but for some reason, we'd never had the chance until earlier this year, when I had the opportunity to give him a signed Technorati t-shirt (I learned from the master) when he entered the Technorati 100.

By the way, you may notice that the Top 100 may jump around a little this week, or that some non-blogs (or blog hosting tools) may occasionally sneak in for a short time - we're doing some maintenance on that code, and I apologize in advance if you see anything wonky. We're doing a major rollout of our link counting system this week which will make it more accurate and show updates more quickly. Because link counts had gotten stalled for some people in the past, we're clearing out a lot of the backlog over the next week or two, and this may cause a bit of strangeness with some of our applications like the Top 100.

The goal is to make sure that Technorati is always accurate, responsive, and comprehensive. Sorry if you see some mess over the next few weeks as we fully roll this new system into production.

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