For something completely different

I finally got around to uploading all my old pictures from my various digital cameras (going back to mid-2000) to flickr. Thanks Stewart and Caterina! I now feel much more comfortable that a disk crash on one of my servers won't cause a major family meltdown because all the pictures are now safely in the Yahoo! cloud.

The other nice thing is that I've been going through the old pictures looking for gems. I've got a few from back in 2001 when the family went to the Four Corners for a week in an RV and I took lots and lots of pictures with my old Nikon E990. Even though I've since upgraded to a Canon EOS10D for "serious" shooting and I keep my PowerShot SD450 with me nearly wherever I go, that even the old cameras, when you used a tripod, could take some great pictures.

Here's some pictures from that trip, you can see more in my old favorites set.

A Storm covers the Three Sisters, Monument Valley AZ Navajo dwelling, sticks, and bluff, Monument Valley AZ Stable and Bluff, Monument Valley AZ Tree and Clouds, Grand Canyon