brrreeeport report: Technorati: 422, Google Blog Search: 337

Robert Scoble created a very interesting meme and test: To see how well folks in the blogosphere are indexed by the major search engines. He's on vacation today, so I thought I'd put up a couple of screenshots of the results.

First here's Google Blog Search's results. Note that GBS returns estimates on its first page of results, so you have to click through to find the exact number of results. At this moment, GBS reports on the first page of search results "about 387" results as shown below:


However, that number isn't accurate. Here's what you get when you click through the result lists to get to the end of the index (I kept my desktop in there to show the time of the search):


337 results.

OK, now here's what you get when you go to Technorati, where we always report the up-to-date exact numbers:


So I just wanted to keep y'all updated. Technorati: 422. Google Blog Search: 337.

By the way, great job, Robert. You've created a whole new meme! And you've got people talking about the accuracy of the numbers that Search Engines report, this is great stuff to have out in the open.

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