New podcast interview of me is on the web

I had a very pleasant time speaking with Nicole Simon of last week, and she has just put up the podcast of our interview. I've had a few recent interviews/podcasts lately, now that I actually have a little time, I'll have to go search them down and post links to them, more in coming posts. I'm sitting in a wifi lounge in Amsterdam Airport, paying 6 euros for 30 minutes of access which feels a bit steep. But at least my new universal world plug is working well. Thanks to KLM for the outlet! As a pretty experienced power vampire, I was pretty surprised to not find many outlets along the walls in the terminals, but they did have a few power stations set up in the internet terminal.

One jarring fact - they play The Daily Show on CNN International over the terminal monitors - I wonder how many non-americans think it is a serious news program? Heh.

Dscn1665 Dscn1666

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