An update on the blogosphere's reactions (and resources) to the London Bombings (7/7/05 16:30PST)

All of my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and survivors of today's events. The blogosphere reaction with an outpouring of emotion has been tremendous. I wanted to share some information and statistics taken from what Technorati has observing throughout the blogosphere today. We have put up a special page on its site to cover the events in London. The URL is and will continue to be updated with information and live content as it happens.

There were just over 500,000 posts since from Midnight - 11AM Pacific (bombings took place at 12:51AM Pacific. This represents a 29.8% increase from yesterday's 840,000 posts (385,000 from midnight-11 am yesterday).

Here's a set of first hand accounts from the blogosphere:
"Fate is a strange thing. On this particular day a series of events transpired such that I ended up on a Tube train that was destroyed by terrorists. Fortunately it was only the carriage in front of me, but tragically it resulted in a serious amount of injuries. This is my story."
London pride meme starts as people post odes to their city.

A letter to the terrorists

Europhobia extended coverage. Lots of comments

In the station

Other accounts:

Statement from Qaeda't al-Jihad claiming responsibility

English translation

Technorati tag pages

Metroblogging London

Wikipedia page on London bombings

LiveJournal mood tracker. Check out sad and shocked.

Flickr London bomb blasts pool

People in the streets

I hope that today finds you and your friends and family well and safe. I will be going home tonight and giving an extra squeeze to my kids and remembering to be grateful for the small blessings in life. Peace.