Live 8 Blog Central launches!

I'm proud to announce the launch of Blog Central for the Live 8 concerts, at We were asked by the Live 8 folks along with Joe Trippi and John Hinderaker of Powerline to help achieve the vision of Live 8: "We don't want your money, we want your voice".

Come and add your voice - there has been no better opportunity for bloggers to be heard. The Live8 folks have a bunch of really interesting and exciting things planned around the concerts and also around promoting the conversations about African debt relief, ending world hunger, and getting the leaders of the G8 countries to put this high on their agendas for the upcoming G8 summit in Scotland on July 8th. We've got widgets that you can add to your blog to signal your support, and to be counted, all you have to do is tag your posts with the "" tag. It's simple, and fun! To add it to your posts, add this code:

<a href="" rel="tag">live8</a>

And to add the widgets, there's a page with a selection to add to your template.

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