Ten Million Blogs Tracked

This weekend Technorati tracked its 10 Millionth Blog. It is a chinese blog, on mblogger.cn, and it appears to be a blog talking about glassblowing, with some really cool pictures. Unfortunately I don't read Chinese so I can't tell what the commentary is about, but so far, the blogger has put in short biographical information in English about each glassblower profiled.

Talk about the Long Tail, huh?

What an amazing trip this has been. I'm humbled by the amazing growth of the blogosphere, and the remarkable nature of conversations over the last few years. I would have never guessed when I started Technorati in November 2002 that by putting simple personal publishing tools in the hands of anyone who wanted one would have so many ripple effects around the world. This makes me very grateful to so many people who have so tirelessly evangelized and built great tools - and to the bloggers who used the tools to express their thoughts: Dave Winer, Ben and Mena Trott, Ev Williams, Doc Searls, David Weinberger, Jay Rosen, Jeff Jarvis, Greg Reineker, Robert Scoble, Liz Lawley, Shelley Powers, Chris Locke, Steve Gillmor, Dan Gillmor, Chris Pirillo, Adam Curry, Mary Hodder, Marc Canter, Phillip Pearson, Seb Paquet, Tim Bray, Sam Ruby, Russ Beattie, Cory Doctorow, Esther Dyson, Ben Hammersley, Jason Calcanis, Nick Denton, Loic LeMeur, Buzz Bruggeman, Bob Frankston, Brent Simmons, Ross Mayfield, Kevin Werbach, Rebecca Blood, Mitch Ratcliffe, Denise Howell, Chris Nolan, Howard Rheingold, the list goes on and on. Thanks. I'm sure I'm missing people from this list - it is just what is rolling off the top of my head at 2am, and sorry for not linking to everyone, it's way too late - and I've got to get to sleep for my presentation.

Thanks for all of the amazing stuff you've built, and said, and done.

The reason why I created Technorati in the first place - I wanted to know who was talking about me and the things I cared about - hasn't changed. And I'm really grateful to be working with a group of people who really take our motto to heart: Be Of Service. It provides me with a drop of joy and a lot of wonder that we've been able to contribute our small part to the greater good, and to help people make sense out of all of this remarkable creativity in the blogosphere. I sincerely hope that we can continue to be of service.

I'll be talking about a bunch of this stuff Monday at Personal Democracy Forum in Manhattan at around 10AM. If you're in town, drop on by!

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