Revised March 2005 State of the Blogosphere, with underlying data!

A lot of people have asked for the underlying data used in the March 2005 State of the Blogosphere, blogged about in 3 parts. We're making all of the underlying data available as a powerpoint presentation with the data embedded in each of the charts, so those of you who want to use the data in research presentations and the like can do so. Please keep the Technorati attribution in any use of the data or the charts.

There is one important correction: Note that in the MSM vs. Blogs slide, we had incorectly left out CNET's from the list of MSM sites - this is because they use the URL for most of their stories. You'll see that CNET (listed as ) now rightfully takes its place as #11 on the chart.

I'd love to know if the data is useful to you, and please do drop me a line if you use it as part of further research. We're also working on a new update to the data set, along with additional interesting blogosphere statistics. BTW, new blog creation rates are increasing again, and in April we saw 40,000 - 50,000 new weblogs created each day, and Technorati is now tracking over 9.5 Million weblogs, and growing fast.

Also, do have a look at the back of the presentation, there's a chart I snuck in there that describes RSS adoption amongst influential publishers, makes a nice case for syndication.

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