Web Spam Squashing Summit: 2/24/2005

Technorati is coordinating a Web Spam Squashing Summit in Sunnyvale next Thursday, February 24, and I would like to extend an invitation to all tool developers to attend. Many thanks to Yahoo! for hosting the event on their campus.

The summit will focus on web spam -- not email spam. Web spam includes comment spam, link spam, TrackBack spam, tag spam, and fake weblogs. We are bringing all of the key players together in one room to discuss current projects seeking to address the common problem and hope to leave the event with a solid set of actions. Key industry players such as AOL, Google, MSN, Six Apart and Yahoo have all confirmed their attendance.

Space is limited so please send a prompt reply to rsvp@technorati.com if you are interested in attending. If you or your company is playing a role in enriching conversations on the web you are invited to attend the summit as space allows. Include the organization or tool that you're developing or representing as well, thanks. To make things more productive for everyone coming, please include a short paragraph covering one or more of the following in your email, so we can distribute it to all the folks coming to the summit:

  • Problem Statement: describe a form of spam you are dealing with
  • Current Solutions: describe a current solution you have implemented and how it works
  • In Development: describe a solution you are working on and why it will be better

See you there!

We are also planning a webcast/IRC for folks who can't make it, more to come as all the details are worked out.