Glenn Reynolds talks about Technorati on Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose had Andrew Sullivan, Ana Marie Cox, Joe Trippi, and Glenn Reynolds on his show last week, and I was pretty amazed when I watched the preview clips, and then the actual show. Here's what was highlighted by Rose (listen to the mp3, thanks, Niall!)

Rose: How do they do that, though - I mean, how do you find out people who are showing a particularly incisive mind and ability...

(Garbled as many people answer)

Reynolds: Start reading blogs, and following links, and after a while you would... I think if I had a big organization, say if I ran the New York Times or some piece of it, I would pay somebody - and you wouldn't have to pay him a lot, it's not very hard - to just plug the URL for every New York Times story into Technorati, which will then give you a list of every blog that links to that story, and see what people say. And if you find a bunch of people saying there's a mistake in it, I'd run a correction just like that, and I'd print it somewhere on the website, the blogs that pointed it out. And you would turn a bunch of adversaries into a bunch of unpaid assistant editors and fact checkers overnight. And I don't understand why more organizations don't think that way. Because, uh...

Rose: They might, after this program.

Here's the audio. Thanks again, Glenn! What a tremendously humbling experience. Thanks very much. I hope we continue to earn your praise.