Technorati is back up, colo move complete!

I'm totally pleased to announce that the Technorati colo move is now complete! We got the job done in 33 hours, which means that we got the entire move done in under 2/3 the time we thought it would take. The new servers are happily being refrigerated in our new facility in San Francisco

I am tremendously proud of the entire team - they worked at this with a 110% commitment, and decided to stay at the office and not go home until the entire job was done. Kudos to the team, you guys kicked butt and pulled it off ahead of schedule. As far as we can tell, the only major unplanned issue we had was a single disk failure on one of our machines, it was DOA after transit.

Still I'd want to apologize for any inconvenience the planned outage may have caused you. I got lots of email from folks who were looking for their Technorati fix. :-)

We are very excited to complete this move as it puts the entire service on much more solid ground, and gives us lots of room for continued expansion and new features. If you have something specific you would like to see added to the service, don't be shy, send us a note asap to

By the way, there is a small chance that we overlooked something as we were re-assembling our site, if you notice something out of place, please do send us a note, again, to and we will get right on it.

We can't thank you enough for being patient through this with us. It is our goal to be of service to you. Thanks again for using and enjoying Technorati.