Technorati tracks Vote Links...

Thanks to some initiative and hard work from Kevin Marks, we've put up a page that tracks Vote Links. Vote Links allow you to add some more information to a link when you make it - it allows you to “vote-for” “vote-abstain” or “vote-against” the hyperlink. These votes are mutually exclusive and represent agreement, abstention (or indifference), and disagreement with the contents of the link.

Here's an example: If you want to show your approval of John Kerry and disapproval of George Bush, you can do it the following way:

<a rel="vote-for" href="">John Kerry</a>
<a rel="vote-against" href="">George Bush</a>

When you make your post using one of the major weblog tools, Technorati will get notified of your post, and will add a count of your vote to our Vote Link tracking page.

By the way, you can vote for or against ANYTHING. For example, you can let people know that you like the EFF and hate the KKK - allowing you to link to organizations and sites that you disapprove of, without bestowing approval or authority on the link.

Right now, this is a complete experiment, and the page should be considered alpha. It could be reorganized or removed at any time. We're really interested in hearing more about what you think, send us feedback and let us know (or give us some votes about the page itself!)

If you want to see how all this works, use “View Source” on this page, check out the Vote Link documentation, or have a look at the HTML snippets we put on the Vote Link page itself. And all you US Citizens: Don't forget to vote in the elections!