New Technorati This favelet for IE, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, etc.

We've just made it easier to find out what people are saying about anything on the web, anytime. The new Technorati This favelet can be used in three ways to put the power of Technorati to use on any web page you're browsing:

  1. Select some text on any web page. Click the Technorati This favelet and it will search over 4.7 million weblogs for that text.
  2. While browsing any web page, click the Technorati This favelet and it will show you what bloggers are saying about that page right now.
  3. If the browser window is empty when you click the Technorati This favelet, it will ask you for a keyword or URL to search for.

Get the favelet.

We've been using them internally for a while, and it really makes a difference in my web browsing experience to get a quick view of what people are saying about any particular article, web page, company, keywords, or blog post.